Popular tradition links Syrah with the Iranian town of Schiraz, but modern research has shown that this variety originated in the Rhone basin. The proximity of this river seems to suit it wonderfully, and the Valais Syrahs that grow along the upper reaches of the Rhône give some of the best expressions of this grape variety.


The slow maceration of three to four weeks allows the gentle extraction of the colour and tannins responsible for the structure of this red wine. An ageing period of several months in vats during which the second fermentation takes place concludes the development of this speciality.


Intense red with black and purplish highlights.


The spicy, peppery bouquet is characterised by notes of liquorice, blackcurrant, black cherry and undergrowth.


Spicy, liquorice, blackcurrant and black fruit aromas reveal a rich, voluminous palate supported by firm, melted tannins.


Syrah is a wonderful accompaniment to grilled poultry, red meats and cheese platters.

Size: 75cL | Serving temperature: 13°-14°C | Cellaring: 5 to 10 years | Appellation: AOC Valais


2014 Silver Expovina 2015

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