Little or nothing is known about the origins of these grape varieties, which is widespread in Gironde, it is the main grape variety of Petrus. In Valais, it finds an ideal terroir for its development. It produces a very fine red wine.


The slow maceration of three to four weeks allows the tannins responsible for the colour and structure of this red wine to be gently extracted. An ageing period of six to eight months in vats during which the second fermentation takes place concludes the production of this speciality.


Violet, deep black


Earthy, coffee, truffle


Round, powerful, ample, mellow, warm, the finish is supported by powerful, melted tannins.


The Rouge de Biollaz is the perfect accompaniment to fillet of beef, rib of beef, lamb, wild boar, game, tartare, fondue bourguignonne and cheese platters.

Content: 75cL | Serving temperature: 12°-14°C | Cellaring: 5 to 10 years | Appellation: AOC Valais

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