Born on the shores of Lake Geneva, Chasselas has kept its old name of Fendant in Valais. This name comes from the fact that the berry, when ripe, splits under the pressure of a finger. Fendant arrived in the canton in the 19th century and became the main regional grape variety after the vineyards were rebuilt following the crisis caused by the arrival of phylloxera.



Slow, gentle pressing, an initial low-temperature fermentation and six months’ ageing in vats during which malolactic fermentation takes place ensure maximum fat and roundness while retaining finesse and freshness of aromas.


<Straw yellow.


The subtle bouquet brings out intense aromas of lime blossom and honey.


The elegant structure of this unctuous wine is characterised by a supple, round flavour both on the attack and on the finish.


Ideal as an aperitif, fendant is a wonderful accompaniment to fondue, raclette and sauerkraut.

Size: 75cL | Serving temperature: 10°-12°C | Cellaring: 2 to 3 years


2014 Silver Grand Prix des Vins Suisse 2015
2014 Silver Mondial du Chasselas 2015
2015 Gold Mondial du Chasselas 2016
2018 Silver Grand Prix du Vin Suisse 2019
2018 Silver Sélection des Vins du Valais 2019


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75, 37.5

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